Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of guarantee do I get?

We offer a warranty of 30 days, from the receipt of the product. If the plant dies within 30 days, we issue a replacement or refund per customer request. With proper pictures as it will be requested and required. If there are any damages etc. please notify within 48 hours of receiving your shipment to take further action. Please see the shipping policy for more information. Return shipping will be paid by the customer.

Q: Are the plants shipped in their containers or bare root?

All of our plants are shipped with their pots, which is clearly stated in the description of the plant. 

The plants are shipped in their plastic pot with soil that will be put in a clear plastic bag that will help them stay moist so that they reach the destination, safe and secure. The plants might look a little wilted, on arrival from their journey, but will perk up within 7-15 days.

We also trim the plant before shipping to reduce stress during shipping.

Q: What are the different sizes of plants? 

The plants are shipped as liners and in 4 inch, 6 inch, 1 gallon, or 3 gallon pots. A 1 gallon plant is around two years old. It will be a minimum of 5 inches tall and can reach 18+ inches.  A 3 gallon is a 2-3 year old plant. It will be a minimum of 15+ inches. If you are wanting a bigger size plant, please call at (863) 414-1291 or email at

Q: Why do the plants look dead and without any leaves in the Fall and Winter?

The plant sheds all its leaves every fall/winter. It is nature's way to help plants put on their survival mode -to conserve water and cope with the harsh cold conditions. Most of the water is stored in the roots, which takes care of the plant's minimal needs as it does not have any leaves, flowers or fruits. As it gets warmer and spring is near, the plant will flush back out and the leaves will come back and start to produce the fruit again. Although the plant may look dead, it will come back as it gets warmer. If at any time during the winter you may think your plant is dead, feel free to send us a picture to for any questions/concerns. 


Q: Can we delay the shipment?

You can delay the shipment to the date desired by you.


Q: Can the order be canceled?

The order can be canceled anytime before it has been shipped for a full refund. Once the tracking number is printed, we cannot issue any refunds.

Q: Do you have a checklist, before buying plants?

  1. Check your plant hardiness zone - Here 

  2. Check sun/shade requirements of the plant and pick a similar spot, in your yard, for the plant.

  3. Check the desired soil (soil can always be amended) and prepare the spot ie digging ( dig twice the size in width and depth one time, the size of the pot)

  4. Avoid fertilization in fall and winter. Also, don’t fertilize a newly transplanted plant. Apply fertilizer 15-25 days after transplanting.

Q: Can I send the plant as a gift?

Yes. We can include a personalized card or add a message to your packing slip. Just make a note when you order of what you want it to say and where it will be shipped. 

Q: Do you offer any plant tips/suggestions?

If you have any questions regarding anything with planting etc. please feel free to email us at and we will help you with whatever you need.